Since the vast majority of airplanes have had avionics modifications (triggered by the ADS-B Mandate), it’s more important now than ever to get training that specifically targets the plane you will fly. We guarantee you’ll be a safer, more capable pilot after training with one of our instructors. We screen our potential instructors to ensure we only engage technical experts with substantial – current – experience flying the planes in which they teach.

Here’s how it works:

When you are ready to schedule your training:

  • Fill out our Contact Form
  • Send copies of both sides of your pilot certificate, medical, and passport

To prepare:

  • Download the appropriate syllabus from the individual aircraft page
  • If using the Computer Based Training option, we’ll set up an account for you
  • As soon as you pass the end-of-course test, we’ll schedule the flight portion

Our dispatcher will contact you and plan your customized training experience. You’ll determine where and when the instructor will work with you, as well as identify any specific training events you want to accomplish above and beyond the normal initial or recurrent program. For example, many pilots opt to complete an Instrument Proficiency Check, or to renew their CFI certificate during the process.

Example Documents for King Air 350

Here’s an example Make & Model Specialists syllabus and Risk Management / Grade sheet for the King Air 350 aircraft, and a brief resume describing Anthony Cirincione ‘s background.