Make & Model Specialists LLC will send one of our vetted, professional instructors to you. You’ll train in your plane at the airport(s) you operate from. Perhaps you already have an instructor you like flying with? No problem. If your instructor can pass our vetting process, we can have that person do your instruction.

Chief of Training

Anthony J. Cirincione

Anthony is the Chief of Training and proud to be recognized by the National Association of Flight instructors as a Master Flight Instructor, and by AOPA as a Distinguished Flight Instructor for 2018 & 2019.

Anthony Cirincione headshot

Anthony served as a US Air Force Fighter Weapons School Instructor in the F-4 Phantom. He has given over 3,000 hours of flight instruction from gliders to the Mach 2.5+ F-111. In fact, he teaches in every category of aircraft except Powered Lift. Currently, most of his time is spent teaching in jets and turboprop airplanes. As an Adjunct instructor for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Anthony created and taught an Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic certification course. He has written several magazine articles, as well as the book “Advanced Flight Instruction” in 2006 to help improve the quality of flight instruction industry wide.

Designated Pilot Examiner

Sport Pilot through Airline Transport

Flight Instructor Added Ratings

CE500 & CE525 Type Ratings

King Air 90, 100, & 200



Sport Pilot through Commercial Pilot 

Flight Instructor Added Ratings

Military Competency Examiner

Flight Instructor


NAFI logo
CFI gold seal
AOPA Instructor logo
AOPA Instructor logo
Flight Instructor

SEL, SES & MEL, Instrument

CE500, CE510, CE525 & CE560XL Type Ratings


Helicopter, Gyroplane & Instrument


Aerotow, Ground & Self-launch


Weight-Shift Control

Powered Parachute

Courseware Manager

John Cirincione

John started his instrument training younger than most. Now he is a FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor actively teaching in airplanes from tail-draggers to Cessna Citations. He is also an Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic with Inspection Authorization and 10 years of experience maintaining and modifying aircraft including gliders, helicopters and military C-130s. John is primarily responsible for developing our academic presentations.

Flight Instructor

SEL, MEL, & Instrument

CE500 & CE525 Type Ratings

CFI gold seal
AOPA logo

Business Development

Mike Massey

Mike is responsible for business development. He has over 50 years and 38,000 hours flying numerous airplanes in military, Part 121 & 135, and Ag. Currently he professionally flies Learjet 31 & Learjet 60.

Join Our Team

Interested in teaching for Make & Model Specialists?

If so, please fill out the Pilot Record form below and email it along with a detailed resume to

Potential Flight Instructors

We require our instructors to hold flight instructor certificates for instrument airplane and airplane-single and/or multi-engine. We’re specifically looking for instructors with substantial experience in the specific airplanes Make & Model Specialists covers. This is not the place to build CFI time. We cannot use instructors that don’t have a minimum of 100 hours of dual given in each plane they will teach for us. While you may be a fine low-time instructor, we simply require technical experts. Ideally, you will enjoy teaching and be a far better instructor than most.

Getting on board with us

Here is an outline of our vetting process: Fill out and send us the Pilot Record Form and a detailed resume. We’ll review your Pilot Record Form and resume. If you meet our requirements, we’ll call to get to know you a little better. Then, we’ll request copies of you credentials and we’ll send you a contract and non-disclosure agreement. Once this is done, we’ll schedule a time for you to demonstrate your instructional ability under the supervision of one of our experienced instructors. Assuming your skills match your resume, we’ll complete a training session on our academic material and internal processes. Finally, you’ll be able to teach future clients from that point on.

Oh yeah, the money

We pay instructors per day based on the aircraft they are actually teaching in. Naturally, a King Air 350 instructor earns more than an instructor in a Cessna 210. Expect to cover this during the phone call.