We currently instruct in the following aircraft:

We’re busy adding more aircraft. If you require training in a plane that isn’t listed, please contact us. We’re happy to design a program specific to your plane with the appropriate advanced notice.

At your airport

Make & Model Specialist’s recurrent courses are often completed in under 3 days at your airport, or you can meet an instructor wherever you prefer. First, we cover the aircraft systems and special emphasis subjects academically, then we fly.

Make & Model Specialists will send one of our professional instructors with experience in your plane to your location. For most models, you have the option of having systems academics presented in person, or you may complete on-line Computer Based Training (CBT) prior to our instructor arriving. The CBT option can result in your flight training being completed in a single day. Our instructors train beyond the proficiency required by the Federal Aviation Administration. This ensures you’ll be able to safely operate your plane as a single pilot.

We tailor your training to your specific airplane and previous pilot experience to detect and target any areas requiring more focused attention. Using case studies of accidents in your model of airplane, we strive to leave you more knowledgeable, capable, and proficient than you have ever been. 

Our instructors

Make & Models Specialists’ instructors are highly experienced in the planes they teach. More importantly, they currently fly. This is quite different from the typical instructor at a Part 142 Training Center who may have not actually flown for years and often times has never even flown the plane in which they teach.

Train in your own airplane

All flight instruction is done in your actual airplane. This is more critical now than ever because very few planes have the original avionics. Most have been modified over the years by various STC’s, and recently to comply with the ADS-B mandate. There is less value learning to fly somebody else’s plane (or a simulator) if yours is not set up the same.

Make & Model Specialists will ensure you comfortably meet all FAA standards, have logged actual flight time in the aircraft, and can operate the airplane safely and professionally.

We have structured the training to meet all Part 61.56 Flight Review and Part 61.57 Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) requirements. Upon completion, our FAA Safety Team Representative will issue WINGS credit to pilots participating in the WINGS Program.

Purchasing a new airplane?

We can also provide Mentor Pilot Services to owners buying a plane they don’t currently have any experience in.


The following costs are for the academic and flight training leading to the appropriate endorsements. We will add actual travel expenses for the instructor to get to/from the airport you want to train at. Please verify these during the coordination call to actually schedule your training.


Single or Multi-Engine Piston

Single or Multi-Engine Turbo-Prop


Single or Multi-Engine Piston
$3000 plus examiner fees

Single or Multi-Engine Turbo-Prop
$4000 plus examiner fees